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January 4h 2009 - Heya all!

I'm updating the index page just to inform you all that we have moved to a new website.


(Not to be confused with Audition's Story Mode)

Do visit us over there!

This original website will be left intact for anyone who needs any bit of information from here.

July 15th 2008 - Wow, it has seriously been a very long time since I updated my website with something.

I have been realising the usefulness of this website even though I abandoned it some time ago. Even though most of the download links are dead or are out of their usefulness a very long time ago, I know some of you come here for the guides. The chatbox was lagging the page loading for a considerable amount of time, so I decided to switch over to Chatango.

September 18th 2007 - Fixed a few missing buttons.

This is to also say that I will be MIA from now (with the exception of weekends, most probably Sunday whenever possible), if there are any queries please direct them to my e-mail.

September 13th 2007 - More updates to the Gallery, due to recent patches 6498 and 6499 update for Korean Audition. More bunnies in the pet store!

September 11th 2007 - Added in new pictures from Korean Audition to the Gallery. I have also included previous patch notices there - the characters are all so pretty I couldn't miss out on them!

Also, a new One-Two Party Guide compiled from the guides of Flip and Mushmom is up! Have fun looking at it as well!

September 9th 2007 - Did some editing here and there for the Beat Up guide, fixed a few minor errors at Beat Up NPC, updated links of official Korean Audition client.

There is a new page all about mobile games of Audition at the guides section. It is not really a guide, but the pictures and the information there will be quite interesting to read about.

I have also added a new page for unofficial Korean Audition client download for those who are having trouble or slow download rates while accessing the official download servers.



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